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This machine has been created to absolve numerous functions of print, resinous and plated of various kind of tissue since it can be personalized from client's request.
The obstruction of T.R.S. is least, since it can be inserted, with remarkable semplicity, in structure already existing.
Tecnical characteristic
Useful width from 120 cm to 340 cm
To eliven Three aces separately commanded, to be able to use all kind of tissue. Everything has been conceived with an user friendly system.
Color or product alimentation Electric livel control and pneumatic pump( if the client request, it can be electric).
Printing and spreading system We realize it about the specific requests of client (magnetic, pneumatic,with blade).
The printing of fabrics is executed on blanket, as traditional printing machine
Advantages You can place in line with rameuse given the small footprint, so you can make a single processing (printing and finishing) with reduced costs
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